St. Vincent De Paul Parish

Confirmation Requirements and Activities

Sunday and Holy Day Mass Attendance

Mass attendance and receiving of the Holy Eucharist are the center of our Catholic Faith.  The Church’s teaching and obligation of all Catholics is to keep the Sabbath Day and to attend Sunday and Holy Day Masses.

Classes are on Wednesdays from 4:30 pm till 6:00 pm.  Doors will be locked at 4:45 pm for safety reasons. To have the doors opened students must call someone on the safety team; the numbers will be posted on the door.  Teachers are not allowed to leave their class to open doors.

Students receiving the sacrament of Confirmation must turn in Baptismal, First Holy Communion certificates by September. Students will be asked to choose and write about a saint for Confirmation.  These reports are to be turned by the end of January.

Sponsor forms must be turned in as soon as possible but no later than January.

All Confirmation Students will attend Mass together as denoted by the teacher.

Students are to help or choose a ministry ex. Ushers, lecture, altar server, or choir.


There will be one (2) one day retreats scheduled for all Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation students. Students are required to attend.

Parish retreats will be scheduled by Fr. Oliver and students are required to attend.


  • Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation /Parents and Sponsors


When: Saturday, November 16

Where:  Downstairs CYO Hall

Time:   8:30 am till 3 pm

The retreat is required for parents of Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation students and at least one parent/guardian and Sponsor should attend workshop.


  • Fall Confirmation Retreat


When:   September21

Where:  St. Vincent School Buildings

Time:     Saturday 8:30 am and dismiss Saturday after the 5:30 pm Mass.

Fee:  $20.00

The retreat is required for students in the Confirmation Program.

Spring Confirmation Retreat 

When:  March 28, 2020

Where: St. Vincent School buildings

Fee: $20.00

Time: :  Saturday 8:30 am and dismiss Saturday after the 5:30 pm Mass.

The retreat is required for students in the Confirmation program. 

Community Service 

As we prepare for Confirmation, our Christian service should be about more than just doing a good deed.  We must aim at developing virtues of faith. The Diocese of Las Cruces has requested that Community service hours be done as a group. The Teachers will announce when a community service project will be scheduled. Community service hours are to be done with sponsors or parents accompanying the student.  Community service hour are to be completed by the end of January.

If a student is not helping or participating in a scheduled community service activity, the time the student is there will not be counted toward their community service hours.

Activities with sponsor/parents


Cleaning the Cemetery

Trunk -a- Treat

Decorating the Church

Guadalupana Dinner, serving

Visiting the Nursing Home

Serving and cleaning after church functions

Absence – 3 missed classes = 1 month missed


  • Make-up Work for Excused Absence:  The student will be required to meet with the teacher within seven (7) days or as soon as possible, to draft a written plan to make amends for all missed work and sessions.  It is the responsibility of the Student to initiate this meeting.  If the student does not initiate and complete a Make-up plan within two weeks of the absence, such an absence will be deemed Unexcused. Make-up classes will be announced and scheduled.


  • Unexcused Absence:  Unexcused absences are not considered acceptable.  A pattern of unexcused absences will bring into question whether a student should continue the program.

Parents will be required to attend class with their child at least once a month

If you have any questions please contact Susan Henderson, Victoria Holguin or Virginia Holguin.


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