St. Vincent De Paul Parish

Pre-Confirmation and Confirmation

The goal of the Confirmation program is to help those who participate in it to deepen their personal relationship with God, to develop their sense of belonging in a living Christian community, and to personally ratify their membership in the Catholic Church. It is assumed that the process of confirming the faith has been ongoing in their lives and that it will continue to be renewed long after they have completed the program.

Minimum of one year program consisting of a least 30 hours.

This minimum is for you who have actively participated in religious formation provided by the parish.  If youth have not had formal catechesis since they made their first Communion, then a two-year formation process is highly recommended

Formation of parents and sponsors-a minimum of four hours of formation required.

Parents will be required to attend class with their child at least once a month

Christian Service- both to parish community and larger community which serves as a Christian witness.  Minimum of 10 hours – however, it is highly recommended that young people participate in prearranged service opportunities which would include preparation, participation, and reflection.

Pre-confirmation students must be in 7th grade.

Confirmation students must be in 8th grade (or high school) at time of Confirmation-with one year of Pre-Confirmation.

 It is professed that there be only one sponsor for each person confirmed; however, two sponsors are permissible.  The sponsor:

  1. Must be at least sixteen years old.
  2. Must be a practicing Catholic leading a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken;
  3. Must be fully initiated; has been Baptized, Holy Communion, Confirmation
  4. May be of either sex, but it is important that the candidate be able to identify with the sponsor in terms of Christian living;
  5. May not be the parents; however, parents may present their son or daughter to the bishop if there is also a sponsor

The Sacrament of Confirmation is scheduled by the Diocese of Las Cruces.

Forms and information:

Registration form

Sponsor form

Confirmation Requirements and Activities form