“Always . . . Christ is present in his word” (Lectionary for Mass [LFM], no. 4). In proclaiming the word of God, readers exercise their responsibility in mediating the presence of Christ. God speaks to the assembly through them. The impact of God’s message will depend significantly on their conviction, their preparation, and their delivery. Their reverence toward the Scriptures is important because the Church sees an intimate link between “the table of God’s Word” and “the table of the Eucharist.” From the one, the divine covenant is announced and the Church grows in wisdom; from the other, the covenant is renewed and the Church grows in holiness (LFM, no. 10).

Have you felt the calling to serve as a reader? We are always looking for those who are discerning or have felt the calling to serve as a reader.

Requirements are:

·         The “want” to serve God and his Church

·         You have attended and completed “Safe Environment” training for adults.

·         That you will complete the “Reader Training” within the first year of your service

For more information in serving as a reader, please contact John Prejean @ 575-313-6507 or