St. Vincent de Paul Society

Mission Statement

The ministry of Saint Vincent de Paul Society is called to help the needy of our parish area, by providing a safe environment of non-judgmental assistance with a spirit of Christian compassion, to treat with respect all individuals, to ensure the confidentiality of the circumstances, and especially to serve all with Christian love.

Food assistance is given every Tuesday from 1pm until 3pm.  Clients are asked to limit their food requests to once a month.  Utility assistance is also provided during this time for people living in the city of Silver City.  This assistance is once per year per resident.

Thanksgiving food baskets are prepared by Saint Vincent de Paul Society members, plus volunteers and are distributed to families who have met a predetermined income level for the size of the family.

If you are newly retired, new to our parish, or have a wish to become involved in a parish ministry, look no further.  Our society meets twice monthly at 12 noon on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  The first Tuesday is our business meeting and the second Tuesday is our spiritual meeting.  Both meetings coincide with our distribution days and seldom last longer than one hour.  Aside from meetings, our members stock our shelves with food and non-food contributions.  We go shopping twice monthly to replenish our store and every Tuesday from 1pm to 3pm we have the honor to serve our clients.  Come and see us!  Come and join us, it would be our pleasure to show you around!

If active membership is not possible, you are always invited to contribute food, nonfood items, or monetary donations to Saint Vincent de Paul Society at our parish during office hours, 9am to 5pm.  Parish office is closed on Fridays.

Please include the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, its members, and all the people we serve, in your daily prayers.  Saint Vincent de Paul, pray for us! 

We’d like to teach the world to share and lend a helping hand 
For all the homeless, hungry, lost and poor throughout the land
We have so much we’re thankful for and so much more to share
Come join us in the food pantry in friendship and in prayer
It’s the real thing!
Time and talent we bring
Let us joyfully sing
It’s the real thing